Terms and Conditions

As your requirement, this is up to you to being able to use services, tools and functions offered to you by this site, you must read and restricted to follow each and every terms and conditions mentioned in this Agreement. If you not restricted to follow by each and every term and condition mentioned in this Agreement, you must leave this Site promptly and you may not retain to our services.

Software: “Software” stands for a computer program of any kind, whether owned by QuickBooks Accountant or by a third party, whether delivered via download, CD, other media, or other delivery method, including client and/or network security software. Elements of the Software are protected under copyright, trade secret, unfair competition, and other laws. Technician will take you through the download process of secured and safe software.

Service Plans: All the service plans are to be mentioned in this site to be modified or to be canceled at any time with no any prior notice. QuickBooks Accountant reserves the right to cancel service at any time with no any prior notice, for any reason. “Charge-backs” or canceling of any fees or service charges paid for through your credit card.

Submission of Plan Orders: You may order most of the Services by calling QuickBooks Accountant. At time of receiving of an email from us on the email address which you have mentioned on it as a part of the Registration process for the services. We are not responsible for interrupted Services in connection with any Plan Order that it has not accepted.

Payment method: You can make payments through you VISA/Master debit/credit card or Check. Amex and Discover cards are also accepted.

Delivery Restrictions: Our scope of service is restricted to US and Canada only. We don’t do any business outside these two countries.

Shipping/Delivery Policy

  • Physical Media
  • If you chose to get the product delivered via physical media(e.g. CD/DVD ROM), the time needed to deliver the product is up to 7 working days. The media will be delivered to the work/shipping address of the client.
  • Direct Download
  • If you chose to get the product via direct download, you will get it immediately after making payment. Product key/license number is sent separately via email.

Renewal Policy: It will be in your prior knowledge that our services subscription will be renewed at the completion of your subscription cycle until explicitly stated otherwise. For the payment option your credit card will be charged at the time of registration through our site. If you would like to opt for the ‘Auto Renewal’, please contact us using our contact page.

Customer Service: QuickBooks Accountant LLP will attend to all customer service requests and complaints within 2 working days of launching the complaint. The complaint needs to be lodged in writing by the complainant.

Refund Policy: For the consideration of subscription plan, your full amount will be refunded if we are failing to resolve the subscription problem within the 30 days of subscription to our site. In incident based plan, you will be refunded with the entire amount through following premises:If the services which are required by you are failed to resolve till the date then your amount will be activated to you. The issues are outdated by the date of delivering.

Disputes: If we are failed to provide or satisfy you with our best work performance, you can put a complaint in written way within 30 days of the service being performed. We will act in response to your written complaint as soon as we are able to and will try to resolve the issues regarding your complaint. All complaints that are not resolved will be resolved by mandatory, binding arbitration as set forth herein.

Failed Services Attempts: We will act in all reasonable ways to develop the nature of the problem that require our professional and technical attention and to locate, analyse and correct those errors or problems. Otherwise we are not in a condition to promise, despite our best efforts that we will be able to successfully resolve the problems you have retained us to check up and repair.

Expiration of Services: We have right to reserve the expire any prepaid and unused professional time and services that remain on your account if such has not been used within a year of the original purchase date. We shall have no duty to notify you of our decision to expire the unused professional time or services or any pending expiration

General Site Rule: You are not supposed to:Cyber stalk or Harass any user. Conduct any activity that is harmful to our site as exclusively determined by us.

Post any information or content that is indecent, defamatory, obscene, hateful, blasphemous or intolerant in nature or in violation of the laws of any jurisdiction.

Upload any material that is harmful to our user’s computers or objectionable/abhorrent to our community as a whole.

Evasively and dishonestly represent yourself as another person or as a representative of a business or entity that you do not in reality represent.

Privacy Policy: At QuickBooks Accountant, we respect the trust you have in us and so it is our responsibility to protect your Privacy. We record your Phone number, Email ID & Name in our Database for future reference and support purpose only.

Your Information is Safe with us and not used for any marketing purpose neither informed to any third party.

You can always request your information removal or update request on gro.t1579977379natnu1579977379occas1579977379koobk1579977379ciuq@1579977379gnill1579977379ib1579977379